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Marker Buoy
The Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy is a highly visible, 20” marker buoy by day that illuminates at night.


It uses a watertight solar generator during daylight hours to charge 4, 1.2V rechargeable batteries that power 5 super bright LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). The Batteries can be recharged 500 (approximately 2 years) times before they need to be replaced. The 5 LED’s have a lifespan of 100,000 hours and is visible 3/4 of a nautical mile at night.

The unique bell shape design keeps the buoy vertical in the water. It is made of durable polycarbonate plastic with UV inhibitors to help prevent fading and cracking.

The photocell in the solar panel automatically turns the lights on when the sun sets and turns the lights off when the sun rises. This solar buoy will glow all night long, up to 20 hours straight.

The red buoy Aqua Lantern promotes safe boating at night and reduces the chance of damage to personal property. Protect your floating swim platform, floating trampoline, pier, dock, PWC and swim areas. Help your fellow boaters navigate the lake safely at night, while adding a fun decorative touch to a lake or waterway.

More marker buoy photo's can be seen by clicking on the link VIEW MORE IMAGES under the large photo at top of this page.

To view a PDF file of the Aqua Lantern instruction manual for more details, click here.

Families spend their summers lakes having lots of fun. Particularly with our water towables, water trampolines and our water playground park systems. Most of  our fondest memories are of hot summer days and nights on the lake. Being with friends and family on the lake in the summer time is special and creating this experience, passing it along to your children, will create their own fond memories.

Money is being spent on piers, docks, boats, PWC, floating swim platforms, and now floating trampolines. As a lake property owner, renter, event organizer, you would like to protect all of these things from being damaged by the increasing boat traffic. We would like to help provide a safe area for  children to swim day or night. This is why we are now offering the newly developed Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy. The Aqua Lantern is a highly visible marker buoy by day that illuminates at night.

Help your fellow boater navigate the lake safely at night by marking the idle zones in front of your property. Mark your boat dock and pier. Mark your swim platforms and floating trampolines. Marker buoys are currently being used that work well during the day but are almost impossible to see at night.

The anchor line can get tangled in a prop or destroy it all together. If you have any experience with boats you know how expensive a new prop can be. Property Owners Associations, summer lake camps, and lake resorts can protect community boat slips, mark channels that connect two or more lakes, mark areas of the ecology or wetlands that need to be protected from boat traffic, mark low water areas that may have subsurface debris. Boaters  appreciate the help with navigating the lake at night.

Make the lake a safer place day or night and add a fun touch by lighting up the lake. Tell your neighbors and your friends to “light up the lake”. Don’t let your fun be interrupted by an accident that could result in damage or costly repairs to your personal property.

The Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy is not a Coast Guard approved navigational Beacon. The Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy is not intended for navigational beacons on commercial waterways.

We shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, property, or special damages arising out of or in connection with product use or performance.

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